FAQs | Social Science


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with this major?

Many industries and careers are open to a wide variety of majors. In many cases you have freedom to choose the major that you want. We encourage you to do research based on where you would like to be and see if this major works. Since this major is flexible, you can gear your courses the direction of your potential career. Our Social Science majors go into a wide variety careers including jobs in education, government, non-profits, human resources, helping professions, museum employees, to name a few! To learn more, URL: https://unt.instructure.com/enroll/YRANE4 so that it appears on your Canvas dashboard. Watch an 8-minute video about marketing your degree and browse the rest of the canvas course for additional career resources available to you!

Can I add a minor to my Social Science major?

Yes! The BA in Social Science (without Teacher's Certification) has room to easily complete an optional minor or academic certificate. We encourage students to add minors that complement their major to add variety and additional transferable skills. There are many minors to choose from; some popular minors include: Counseling, Mangement, Marketing, Public Administration, Leadership of Community and Nonprofit Organizations, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Criminal Justice. See the catalog for a full listing of minors and academic certificates.

Can I go to graduate school with this major?

Many graduate programs simply require you to have a bachelor's degree. In some cases you need specific coursework, which you could include in your degree by taking those courses as part of your major or by adding a minor. You will need research the program you are pursuing to see it has particular requirements. We have many students that pursue graduate school.

How do I market myself?

We highly encourage all of our students to visit with their individual career center advisor in order to learn skills related to networking, resume writing, how to find a job, getting an internship, and much more. They are located in Sage Hall, Suite 202. Their phone number is: 940-565-2105. Website: http://careercenter.unt.edu

Can I be certified to teach Social Studies without doing the Teacher's Certification degree plan?

If you are interested in teaching social studies in the state of Texas, the most direct route to becoming a social studies teacher is by completing the Social Science with Teacher's Certification undergraduate degree. However, you can chose to be alternatively certifed after graduation through an Alternative Certification program. There are many independent companies across the state that provide alternative certification.